It is often hard to start something new and could take several months to do the first step, but looks like today is that day. In the past I have already tried to maintain a blog in Russian, but it did not make it through the time (and, to be honest, this is good for it since content was not particularly useful).

Therefore, this will be the second trial for me - try to write more often about things that could matter for wider auditory and if everything will go well (fingers crossed) this blog will live longer than his predecessor has. ツ

Why starting to write again?

A few days ago (ok - few weeks), I have somehow got on famous Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood. It was just one post about something, I even already forgot. I’ve knew about this blog long time ago, but never give it too much attention. Probably because I did not see the person behind it. However this time I occasionally clicked on one of the links in the post and got to another, seems older post from Jeff. Then on another one, and another… In the end, I have spent several hours reading him, so now I do understand why this person is so popular. In addition, among the other quite interesting stuff there were a few particular posts, which eventually convinced me to try start writing again:

Jeff Atwood:

Programming, like all writing, is just another form of communication. Writing code that the compiler understands is easy. Writing code that other people understand is far more difficult. And that’s assuming you’re persuasive enough to convince other people that your code, in a world positively overflowing with free code, is worth looking at in the first place.

There may be more about the topic (“writing”), but if you start reading from the posts above - you will definitely find them all, since Jeff use links to his previous related posts very efficiently. In fact, that’s why I’ve spent so many time reading him.

So if you already managed to write code (for years), but have not yet tried to write any article or blog post - may be now is the right time for it?

Anyway, when (not if) you will have time, here is a quite helpful cheat sheet for beginners:

Writing Tips for Non-Writers Who Don’t Want to Work at Writing

Nevertheless, for now (taking into account, that today is that day, remember?), I sincerely wish you happiness with your loved ones and may the Force be with you in this New 2014 Year!

:date: 2014 Jan 01