I decided to myself to write more about actual and now-days things, but each blog should have a kind of “entry”, so today I would like to tell a story that will fit perfectly on this entry.

Back in the beginning of 2007, I used to be a web developer on one large ASP.NET media project, whose one of the major feature for users should be possibility of free drawing as well as placing text “tags” over streamed WMF video from proprietary media server. Straightforward solution that we have in mind then was heavy JavaScript logic coupled with embedded Windows Media Player object. Add to that the fact that some of the development team members came to this project with desktop development background and jQuery was not so world-wide famous as it is now. Gosh, we even started implementation of all this! So, you can imagine our joy when Microsoft Silverlight has been finally released in 1.0 version.

It is often hard to start something new and could take several months to do the first step, but looks like today is that day. In the past I have already tried to maintain a blog in Russian, but it did not make it through the time (and, to be honest, this is good for it since content was not particularly useful).

Therefore, this will be the second trial for me - try to write more often about things that could matter for wider auditory and if everything will go well (fingers crossed) this blog will live longer than his predecessor has. ツ

Why starting to write again?

One day here you will find much more useful and interesting information for your pleasure, but for now here is only this lonely promise.

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